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Concert Artist

From his mix of Samoan and African-American heritage to his love of theater, football, and cooking, Tedashii was never easy to pigeonhole. As a result, he often felt like a misfit. In his family, there are several preferred career paths, and musician certainly isn’t one of them. Roughly 90 percent of his relatives are either in the military, education or are professional athletes. But young Tedashii was always telling a story or a joke, trying to find ways to express himself. His mom pushed him toward arts and sports. Then a high school English teacher and a college friend stepped in and altered his future course by helping him find his voice and then his Savior. Tedashii never looked back.

When not making music, Tedashii is a busy family man. He also has strong ties to his home in Denton, Texas, where he’s part of The Village Church, sometimes using his rich, deep voice to provide background vocals during worship.

We’re all the sum of our experiences. They shape our lives and, for creative types, our art. The events of the last year have changed Tedashii and his music in ways he’s only beginning to discover. They’ve also changed the way he views his faith and what\’s next.