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Worship Leader

I AM THEY made its national debut in January 2015 with their self-titled album on Essential Records. The band\’s five-piece, pop acoustic-worship sound is anchored by three-part vocal harmonies. The group, made up of Abbie Parker, Jon McConnell, Matt Hein, Justin Shinn, and Sara Palmer represent I AM THEY – inspired by John 17. \”In that chapter,\” shares Sara Palmer, \”Jesus is praying for his disciples and refers to them as \’they.\’ He\’s praying and saying things like, \’Sanctify them. Make them holy. They are not of the world because I am not of the world.\’ He\’s really interceding for his disciples. We are disciples of Christ and being disciples is just as important today as it was back then. We\’re still here for the same purpose on the same mission with the same calling, bringing people to the Lord and spreading the news of the Gospel to people. We really wanted to incorporate that into our mission as a band, saying that anybody who is a believer in Christ is a \’They.\’ They are a disciple as well so we can stand together in that and really bring people into the \’I AM THEY\’ family because we are all family in Christ.\”