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Andre Grey

Camp Pastor

Andre is a first generation American of Jamaican descent who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is passionate about Jesus and preaching the good news of His love to anyone who will listen. A dynamic homiletician and public speaker, Andre strives to maximize his gifts to edify the local church and offer the hope of the gospel to the hopeless. He\’s an avid sneakerhead, pro wrestling enthusiast, Hip Hop connoisseur, and LA Laker fanatic. He loves traveling back home to Jamaica and spending extended periods of time with the family he loves on the island he loves. Andre has had the pleasure of traveling around the world preaching at churches, conferences, youth events, and retreats for the last 6 years. His work is centered around the gospel, culture, racial justice, and the transforming reality of the authentic Christian life. He and his amazing bride, Christine Grey, reside in Austin, TX where he serves as one of the pastors at the Austin Stone Community Church.