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Rush of Fools

Founded in 2005, Rush of Fools – Wes Willis, Kevin Huguley, Jacob Chesnut, Jamie Sharpe and Patrick Sweeney – say they are “just some Alabama boys that love to sing about Jesus.” Even when their success led to national touring schedules and Dove Award nominations, they have remained dedicated to writing songs for and leading worship in the local church – Wes at The Catalyst Community in Montgomery, AL and Kevin at Christ City Church in Lipscomb, AL.

They are unashamed of the true reason behind their accomplishments:

“It\’s Jesus that carries us, and becomes the Hero of our story. The hands of Jesus that carried the cross to His death are the very hands that carry us now. And that’s the story we live to tell.”

Student Life is proud to minister alongside Rush of Fools in pointing students to Christ through praise and worship this summer.