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Metro Music

Worship Leader

Metro Music is a worship team based in Houston, TX that leads a weekly gathering called “Metro” at Houston’s First Baptist Church. “Metro” is a gathering of the young adults of Houston to see the beauty of Jesus and seek to know Him personally.

For the last 5+ years, this team has been able to witness God moving in the lives of young adults in our city and beyond.


Louisiana Tech University

Ruston, LA
Worship Leader: Metro Music
Camp Pastor: Jared Darby

Louisiana Tech's pedestrian-friendly campus, which offers an indoor pool, basketball, volleyball, recreation fields, tennis courts, disc golf, indoor and outdoor pools, rock climbing wall, racquetball, game room and bowling, centers around the Quad with its shady trees and the Lady of the Mist fountain. Ruston, a friendly southern town of approximately 22,000, is home to …

$329 – $359 per participant