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Jason Cook

Camp Pastor

Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, Jason was brought up in a home that feared God.  At age 8, he walked an aisle for fear the flames of hell would engulf him.  Graduating from high school in Northeast Atlanta, Jason accepted a football scholarship to Ole Miss.  It was there that he came to a true knowledge of the beauty of Jesus and began the wonderfully arduous adventure of following Him.

Deeply committed to faithful biblical preaching, Jason is a dynamic and real speaker.  Gifted by God to be able to minister to a wide range of people, Jason has extensively traveled the Southeast sharing the incredible message of reconciliation that Jesus offers those whom would repent and believe.

\”Cook,\” as his friends affectionately call him, is not only a former college standout at The University of Mississippi but was also a member of the Baltimore Ravens Football Club during the pre-season of 2009. He ultimately walked away from the game of football to pursue the call to evangelism.

After \”retiring\” Jason joined the staff of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Ole Miss as the Football Team Chaplain.  He was on staff there for two years before the Lord called him away from Ole Miss and into a new chapter in life.

Jason is a graduate of Beeson Divinity School on the Samford University campus.  He married the love of his life, Courtney, and they have two beautiful children. Jason is now serving on the pastoral staff at Fellowship Memphis, as well as serving as an editor for The Gospel Coalition.