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Anthony Knight

Camp Pastor

Anthony Knight was born and raised in Nashville, TN where he found his love for sports. Football and fitting in with the athletic crowd were what he found his identity in. This led to a few years of walking in darkness before he was grabbed by the Lord at age 19 in his second year of college. As he played football for a small university in Lebanon TN, his passions for football began to dwindle as he became familiar with God’s Word. The more he read about God, the more he wanted to share what he learned. This passion continued to increase as he began being mentored by Pastor Erik Reed, a local pastor within walking distance from the University. …


Presbyterian College

Clinton, SC
Camp Pastor: Anthony Knight
Worship Leader: Journey Worship Co.

Presbyterian College is located in Clinton, SC and has a rich history of serving young people since 1880. With their motto of "While We Live, We Serve," we are excited to partner with them for camp! Register for Camp

$329 – $359 per participant